Weddings & Celebrations

  • Because something as beautiful as love deserves to be celebrated amidst astounding beauty
  • Because precious moments resound eternally in nature’s peaceful echoes.
  • Because every Pimalai wedding is one that’s remembered forever.

40 years ago, Pimalai’s owner and developer fell in love with the lush hills and serene greenery of Koh Lanta. They envisioned building the perfect paradise here for their children. Several years later, dreams were turned into reality and they built Pimalai Resorts & Spa together.

Built on love, Pimalai Resort & Spa is the perfect place to say “I do”, or reconfirm your vows to that special someone.

Pledge your love for each other amidst the 100 acres of natural tropical surroundings, overlooking the beachfront which spans more than 900 meters at Koh Lanta, Krabi. Kan Tiang bay sets the scene with its serene, romantic back-drop, adding a touch of magic to your special day. After all, there’s a reason Pimalai was featured by the newspaper, the Independent (UK), in their list of the 50 best wedding destinations in the world.

Pimalai is also the ideal location for your honeymoon. You’ll fall head over heels in love with nature, just as you have for that special someone in your life. And you’ll finally understand why Pimalai is the perfect place to say “I love you” time and time again.