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What Andy Boyce, UK says about "Diving" ?

It's only 4 days ago that I was was 20 metres under in The Andaman Sea, and now Im back in the office and London, and it's snowing!
Oh well. I just wanted to drop you a quick thank you note a wonderful days diving, and Chantelle had a great time too.
Also just to say, of all the dive companies I have been with (from Indonesia to The Maldives, South Africa, Zanzibar, Australia, Mozambique....) yours is by far the best oufit!
Fantastic boat, great dive crew, great equipment, and fantastic boat crew. Your service is a real continuation of the Pimali 5 star standards - I have never been diving and had someone put on my fins for me!.
I shall make sure everone here is aware of the great experince to be had diving with you, and try to ensure people think of  The Pimali when we have clients looking for a great diving holiday.

Andy Boyce.

Mr & Mrs Trub 03/11/10 19/11/10
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london_manta_girl, UK
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Andy Boyce, UK
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