5-star beach resort on Koh Lanta, Krabi, Thailand

How to get Pimalai Resort & Spa ? (41 view)
What languages does your staff speak? (25 view)
What's the weather like at Pimalai? (22 view)
The cost of meals, beverages seems to be a bit higher at Pimalai than in other resort areas in Thailand? (22 view)
Do I need to dress up when staying at PIMALAI?? (20 view)
Can I take my kids on vacation at PIMALAI, and what restrictions are there??? (19 view)
Is there anything that I should know about Scuba Diving operation at Pimalai? (13 view)
Does the resort cater to children? (12 view)
Can I rent a motorcycle at the resort? (11 view)
Where is The Pimalai Resort & Spa ? (11 view)
Is English the language of communication at Pimalai & Thailand in general? (10 view)
What this all about The "Green/ Summer/ Low/ Off" Season??? (9 view)
What is the swimming like? (9 view)
Are facilities at the resort accessible by wheelchair? (7 view)
Helicopter transfer (6 view)
What medical facilities are available? (6 view)
Can the restaurants cater to people with special dietary requirements? (5 view)
Are there souvenir or craft shops on Koh Lanta? (5 view)
Is there a golf course nearby? (4 view)
Is there malaria on Koh Lanta Island? (4 view)
Are there any cultural taboos that visitors to Thailand should be aware of? (3 view)
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