5-star beach resort on Koh Lanta, Krabi, Thailand

How to get Pimalai Resort & Spa ? (41 view)
What languages does your staff speak? (25 view)
What's the weather like at Pimalai? (22 view)
The cost of meals, beverages seems to be a bit higher at Pimalai than in other resort areas in Thailand? (22 view)
Do I need to dress up when staying at PIMALAI?? (20 view)
Can I take my kids on vacation at PIMALAI, and what restrictions are there??? (19 view)
Is there anything that I should know about Scuba Diving operation at Pimalai? (13 view)
Does the resort cater to children? (12 view)
Can I rent a motorcycle at the resort? (11 view)
Where is The Pimalai Resort & Spa ? (11 view)
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