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The beautiful people of the Land of Smiles need help

The beautiful people of the Land of Smiles need help No doubt you are fully aware of the tragic events happening in the central part of Thailand, with huge floods inundating a vast area of Thailand and on the verge of spilling into the financial and commercial district in the heart of Bangkok, the capital city. These floods have affected the lives of about 10,000,000 people, not only are their homes affected but also their businesses and/or the businesses where they were working prior to the flood. Close to 500 people are reported dead or missing. Like everybody else within the country we contribute as much as we can to not only help some of our own staff who have been directly affected by the recent events but also in helping others throughout the country, as we just did on October 8th in Bangkok. You also can help if you want to, and we are happy to assist the below fund raising organizations in using our clients database to broadcast how and where to donate should you have a few coins to spare...or more. The beautiful people of the Land of Smiles thank you in anticipation. Thaitv3.com Bank account 014 300 3689 (Bangkok Bank Maleenon Branch) http://www.thaitv3.com/ch3/¡Ô¨¡ÃÃÁ/922/ªèÍ3-à»Ô´ÃѺ¢ÍºÃÔ¨Ò¤-ªèÇÂàËÅ×ͼÙé»ÃÐʺÀѹéÓ·èÇÁ.html ThaiPBS incorporate with princess pa foundation - http://www3.thaipbs.or.th/flood54/ , http://www.princess-pa-foundation.or.th/home/donate.php#content1

A Never Ending Journey
Annual Clown Fish Release @ Koh Haa
Pimalai Resort & Spa Helping each other in tough times.
The beautiful people of the Land of Smiles need help
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