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(May 21, 2009)


Our days in the Pimalai were very simple. After the long enjoyable breakfast we made our way to either the swimming pool or to the Beach armed with our books and the sun cream. There was no trouble in finding a place with a good view and shade; the staff kept coming around bringing water, fruit juice and fruit. After a long hard day doing nothing apart from swimming and reading and going to the Spa we returned to our room and prepared ourselves for Francois.

Who is Francois?

Francois Desmidt is the Director of the Pimalai Kitchens (a strange title) I feel it’s better to say, that Francois is responsible for the Pimalai cuisine and he does an extremely good job. Don't forget you are on a small Island in southern Thailand. But what you experience in the 7 Seas Restaurant is well up to the standards of the first class Restaurants in Europe. Not only the quality of ingredients Francois uses, but also what he creates. These are a few of my favorites:

Alaskan giant scallops on Wakame seaweed with a sesame seeds cream sauce.
Seared sliced Duck Liver on a sweet corn pancake with raspberry vinegar dressing.
Lobster soup Anise topped with sour cream.
Oven roasted fillet of snow fish, with Basil and garlic light mashed potatoes and a balsamic vinegar syrup.
Pan-fried rock lobster on coconut flavored potato mash with Coriander leave and fresh mango concasse.
Grilled tiger prawns on Venere black rice risotto, pan-fried cherry tomatoes with sweet basil oil.
Of course, you can go to the local Restaurants on the beach or in the villages and eat very good food for prices below those charged at the Pimalai, but the 7 Seas Restaurant was worth every Baht paid.

We are looking forward to returning to the Pimalai and Francois in the not too distant future.

Mrs. Andersson - 6th to 14th July 2014 - Room 503
Mr. Rymarz - 10th to 14th July 2014 - Room 129
Mr. Prokhovnik - 4th to 13th March 2014 - Room 106
Mr. & Mrs. Strauss - 23rd January to 2nd February 2014 - Room 606
Mr. & Mrs. Glass - 30th October to 5th November - Room 125
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