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(May 19, 2009)


After coming back from a 5-day trip at Pimalai for a week, we still miss our very good time there.

We especially liked the top pool, which gave a really stunning panorama view of the beach and area around. We often relax ourselves by swimming and sitting massaged with the pool's good-pressure jacuzzi and enjoyed the view there. We asked for the service car to drive us up and down few times. But later we found out that it was more enjoyable walking using the stairs, so it became our little adventure after breakfast.

We had an excursion trip with Pimalai's speed boat to snorkel at two islands in Trang (out of 4 polular one). Though the weather wasn't so nice on that day with little rain, we could still see many kinds of colorful fishes, including couple of Nemo. The snorkeling guide was nice and friendly. Other guys on boat were also very helpful. However, the price was quite expensive compared with other company's more interesting packages' we found out later on the way back from 7-11 in the hotel nearby.

Because the beach was safe and we were upgraded to stay at the beachfront, we could walk every night after dinner on the beach for good digestion and wind crabs exploring. It was a great moment for us. Another activity my boyfriend happened to love very much was sailing on catamaran provided by the hotel. It was his first time to sail on his own, so one of the staffs at the beach counter went with us to teach him how to do so. Thanks for Khun Kaeak!

There was high speed internet provided free of charge in the room, so my boyfriend could do his work some time. The bathroom was pretty large and there was outdoor shower too. They provided many towels, plenty of bottle water every day, cookies and fruits on the day of check-in and two bottles of bath salts on the day of almost check-out.

Foods at all three restaurants in the property were mostly delicious and staffs were friendly. Seafoods BBQ at Rak Talay were nice and we loved its yummy crepe with banana ice-cream. We also tried Same Same but Different on the left side of the hotel walking on the beach and it was as good as other reviewers suggested. The basic dishes there were authentic and tasty especially spicy Pad Kra Pao Talay (Seafood with Basil Leaves), of which I had to order two.

We're looking forward to visiting Pimalai again one day. Hope you have a great time there too!

Mr. Fuller - 8th to 15th July 2014 - Room 310
Mrs. Zektser - 23rd to 25th June 2014 - Room 132
Ms. Laura Ochoa
Mr. Heyde - 4th to 7th June 2014 - Room 215
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