What BedfordDoctors, TripAdvisor Member says about "Accommodation" ?

(April 10, 2009)


"We'd been looking forward to coming here for a long time and to be honest it didn't disappoint.
The rooms were fantastic with a lovely bathroom. (Room 115). We were in the resort part of the hotel which was only a minute's walk from the white sand beach.

All the usual complimentary services were available - Pimalai lemongrass showergel being a highlight. The bit we didn't expect was the private boat ride around the island after being picked up from the airport to be welcomed on the floating jetty with flower garlands and drinks!

The breakfast was great - unlimited buffet with wide range of selection.

Two infinity pools (saltwater) - the upper one with an amazing view of the bay. Plenty of room - the resort certainly didn't feel crowded. There are plenty of sunbeds on the beach and by the pools.

Food, and particulalry wine in the resort is incredibly expensive, and to be honest you'd be better off going to the local 'Same Same' restaurant down the beach. The food is excellent, friendly staff and the price is about a quarter of that in the resort.

The cocktails at happy hour in the beachside restaurant/bar were excellent though and good value.

The Why Not bar down the other end of the beach is also good for a sunset drink right on the beach.

Overall an amazing holiday. Again, no problem for same-sex couples to share a double room."

Mrs. Zektser - 23rd to 25th June 2014 - Room 132
Ms. Laura Ochoa
Ms. Buehlmann - 6th to 10th June 2014 - Room 121
Mr. Heyde - 4th to 7th June 2014 - Room 215
Ms. Cotton - 17th to 22nd May 2014
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