What Mr.John Morrison & Miss Susanna Dimatteo - 11th to 19th January 2013 - Room 703 says about "Accommodation" ?

Dear Franck, My husband, John and I, would like to extend our warm thanks for creating a little piece of heaven for our honeymoon at your resort. Undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful places we have ever visited, and the reason for our return (not only for Pimalaiís beauty), is simply because of its wonderful staff. A subject always close to my heart, I have always cared for the wellbeing of others in particular, resort staff. Their service and politeness was first class. Remembering our names was a particular highlight. John and I took the time to speak with as many staff as possible who were only too happy to share with us. I simply cannot recall each and every one of them but I did note down in particular, TI (Supervisor), TIEW, KAEW & TOEY (breakfast staff). These in particular were just outstanding. But our gratitude does stitch to all the back staff, taxi drivers to and from our villa, beach staff, security etc. etc. I really hope Franck, that you will take the time to recognize their efforts and reward them all. As without them, Pimalai would not be the resort it is today. John and I will definitely return soon and we very much will look forward to doing so. Thank you and Kind Regards,

Miss Alexandra Barilli - 28th March to 2nd April 14 - Room 120
Khun Geraldine Taurand - SLH Club Member - with a stay in March 2014.
Mr. & Mrs. Taurand - 23rd to 31st March 2014 - 305
Mr. & Mrs. Dunlop 21st to 29th March 2014 - Room 130
Mr. & Mrs. Hemmerling - 19th to 23rd March 2014 - Room 215
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