What “Excellent resort in all weather” - 4 July 2012 - GinaT898 *TripAdvisor* says about "Accommodation" ?

After lots of planning we finally arrived at Pimalai resort and could not have been happier. The surrounds are beautiful, the grounds immaculate, the rooms clean. Our view is to die for. The swimming pools are just perfect - clean, well maintained. Staff are smiling and attentively friendly at all times. The General Manager is a master at public relations. Will definitely recommend to all.

Miss Alexandra Barilli - 28th March to 2nd April 14 - Room 120
Khun Geraldine Taurand - SLH Club Member - with a stay in March 2014.
Mr. & Mrs. Taurand - 23rd to 31st March 2014 - 305
Mr. & Mrs. Dunlop 21st to 29th March 2014 - Room 130
Mr. & Mrs. Hemmerling - 19th to 23rd March 2014 - Room 215
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