What Khun Yun Ni & Khun Kwok Fon - Room 220 & 904 - 21 to 23 March 2012 says about "Services" ?

We have returned home from our honeymoon trip and would like to thank everyone at Pimalai for making our honeymoon a very special one. We had a very lovely welcome and stay. A special thanks to housekeeping for room 220 (21st - 23rd March 2012). Every return to the room is a pleasant surprise. It is neat, tidy and welcoming. Thank you. Another thank to the library staff, Bee, for sharing plenty of information with us . And also to the breakfast service staff at Spice and Rice for their attentiveness. Lastly, thanks for all the beautiful smiles around the resort....the receptionists, porters, security guards, gardeners and others. Honeymoon, just like the fireworks that night, doesnt last forever but our memories at Pimalai will. Thank you for the hard work. Regards, Yun Ni & Kwok Fon Singapore Room 220 & 904

Khun Yoo KyungOk
Ms. Amato - 1st to 21st June 2014 - Room 132
Ms. Aadnekvam - 22nd to 29th June 2014 - Room 504-505
Mr. & Mrs. Priestley - 9th to 15th June 2014 - Room 130
Khun Kobchai - 14th to 16th June 2014 - Room 212
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