What Paul and Alison, Room 601. 15-27th Jan 2012 says about "Services" ?

Dear Franck. A perfect two weeks of relaxation at Pimalai, made possible by a fantastic team that you can be proud of. It is hard to single any one person out but we would be grateful if you would pass on our particular thanks to Ying in the Seven Seas for making our evenings a special occasion each night. A truly exceptional location and idyllic surroundings. Already planning to see you again!!

Khun Yoo KyungOk
Ms. Amato - 1st to 21st June 2014 - Room 132
Ms. Aadnekvam - 22nd to 29th June 2014 - Room 504-505
Mr. & Mrs. Priestley - 9th to 15th June 2014 - Room 130
Khun Kobchai - 14th to 16th June 2014 - Room 212
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