What Assunta, Monti Carlo says about "Spa" ?

I spent 20 days vacation at Pimalai resort and spa last month and I really had such a wonderful time in my life ... It's not like Carribian or South Pacific Ocean but it is truly exotic ... I love all the trees surrounding this resort I felt like escaping from my busy world ... the food, the people, atmosphere, facilities, Spa, diving everything was excellent ... I am never expect this kind of resort to be cheap since it is deserved the prices.

I highly recommenced may be this is my saving grace place ever!!!

Mr. Stephen Duran - 26th March to 2nd April 2014 - Room 133
Mr. & Mrs. Schwarz - 24th February to 10th March 2014 - Room 809
Mr. Dionnet - 6th to 14th December 2013 - Room 902
Miss Caroline Gilmore - 10th tom18th August 2013 - Room 124
Mrs. Fabris - 26th November to 5th December 2012 - Room 111
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