What Sentillatiben : July 7-10, 2010 says about "Wedding & Celebration" ?

This was the first experience for us in Pimalai. We were there from the 7th July to 10th July 2010. We celebrated our wedding anniversary in Pimalai and all of you here have made a very memorable event. The quality of service and the level of attention given to the guests of Pimalai is simply exceptional.... Right from the moment to disembark from the flight and until you get back to your return flight ... We have completely enjoyed the trip and looking forward to earn more points and come back to Pimalai again.

Alec & Sally : 23/08/10
Mrs and Mr Perrett : March 17, 2010
Sentillatiben : July 7-10, 2010
Joe & Ying Beesley : May 16, 2010
Eric & Christine Hoese - Feb 25, 2010
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