What Georgia - Mar 07, 2010 says about "Accommodation" ?

My mother and I just returned from four nights at your gorgeous property and we are still riding our heavenly vacation high. Thank you, Pimalai, for exceeding our expectations in every way!!

A few reflections from our stay...

First and foremost we were blown away by the courtesy and helpfulness of the entire staff (from the moment we were met at the airport until the moment we were left at the airport, only after Pimalai staff had helped us get our bags checked through to security) - the customer service was impeccable, to say the least.  No such thing as a request too small.

We loved our pavilion suite (outdoor shower is wonderful!!) and immediately fell in love with the resort's gorgeous facility - it is well-deserving of its 5-star rating, and while it defines "luxury" it does so in an understated way, which we really appreciated.  We loved the fact that wherever we went, from the beachfront restaurant to the pool to the spa, we felt as if the resort was simply a part of the gorgeous, lush natural surroundings.

The food was amazing - best mangos I've ever had!  Loved the seafood BBQ on Sat. night (drum and fire dancing on the beach was a huge plus) and the Thai dinner on Tuesday night...which was especially fun because we got to see how several of the dishes were prepared.  Our dinner at the Seven Seas restaurant was amazing as well.  Each day we said we'd try a lunch or dinner at a restaurant down the beach but we could never tear ourselves away...and I'm glad we didn't!

We'd intended to try an elephant ride and rent a car for a day, but we opted instead for another day of snorkeling and a second spa treatment (if you've never had a Thai massage, try one) - in short, once we arrived, we
found no reason to leave the resort.

We arrived at the very beginning of the Green season, which meant the dock at the resort had been removed so we had to drive 30 minutes to the other side of the island for snorkel excursions...a small price to pay for the amazing underwater scenery.  The water was bath-warm, perfect for spending an hour + at a time exploring the fish, coral and caves in the area. Divers and snorkelers were able to attend the same trips, which was nice for  families/couples who did both.

It rained during our drive to the resort from the airport on the first day, and for about 20 minutes on our last full day - aside from that the weather was hot and sunny.

In short, we loved everything about our experience - the staff, the scenery, the activities, the facility, the other guests (interestingly, we were the only Americans as far as we could tell) - if you ever have the chance to visit Pimalai, DO IT!

I'll be back, soon I hope!


Mr. Fuller - 8th to 15th July 2014 - Room 310
Mrs. Zektser - 23rd to 25th June 2014 - Room 132
Ms. Laura Ochoa
Mr. Heyde - 4th to 7th June 2014 - Room 215
Ms. Buehlmann - 6th to 10th June 2014 - Room 121
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