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We went for 10 days for our honeymoon, and had the holiday that we wanted - to totally relax. This we managed to do quite spectacularly! Pimalai is a wonderful setting and so well maintained. Watching the sun setting with a cocktail was truly lovely. The staff are brilliant and really looked after us. My husband was unfortunately ill and we had to call the doctor twice, but he was absolutely brilliant at reassuring us. All the little extras arethere that would expect, bringing water, smoothies and fruit by the pool and the beach. However, this does come at a cost - Pimalai is not cheap! To eat in the resort we fond quite expeensive, at least UK prices if not a little more. Havingsaid that, the service and quality was brilliant. In terms of the other restaurants down the beach, I have to disagree with all the reviews that recommend Same, Same but Different - I really disliked the place. The staff were quite rude and really didn't care that we were there. It was cheap but the food wasn't very good - I can make better Pad Thai myself at home. The spa was wonderful, we both had massages there and they were offering a 20% discount while we were there. I would definitely recommend Pimalai, especially for honeymooners as it is very romantic. Just take plenty of cash!

Fritz family - 3rd April to 9th April 2014 - Room 116
Khun Geraldine Taurand - SLH Club Member - with a stay in March 2014.
Miss Alexandra Barilli - 28th March to 2nd April 14 - Room 120
Mr. & Mrs. Taurand - 23rd to 31st March 2014 - 305
Mr. & Mrs. Dunlop 21st to 29th March 2014 - Room 130
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