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Body Treatments

Ageless Thai Herbal Scrub
30 mins @ 1,750 THB

This herbal scrub treatment uses traditional herbs and spices whose warming properties bring soothing comfort to muscle aches and pains, and which stimulate circulation. The scrub exfoliates and tones the skin, giving it a healthy, warm glow.
Contains: Thai clay, rice, plai ( from the ginger family ), galangal, turmeric and magrut (bergamot) and more

Thai Cooling Scrub
30 mins @ 1,750 THB

The cooling properties of sandalwood soothe the body. Sesame acts as the main exfoliating ingredient; sesame seeds and honey explode onto your skin, moisturizing with their natural humectants properties. This gentle scrub calms and uplifts the mind, body and spirit.
Contains: Sesame, Sandalwood, Thai clay, Honey and more

Andaman Sea Salt Scrub
30 mins @ 1,750 THB

For a rebirth scrub treatment, salts from the Andaman Sea are mixed with aromatic oil to purify and cleanse your soul of negativity. This treatment is designed to cleanse and stimulate the body and mind, and to remove dead skin cells, in order to create a glowing radiance.

Thai Kopi Scrub
30 mins @ 1,750 THB

The Coffee Scrub uses the refreshing and intoxicating aroma of tropical herbs in order to awaken and stimulate the senses. Coffee contains natural acids that tone & exfoliate tired skin, leaving it soft, smooth and glowing. This is also a useful scrub to stimulate cellulite-prone areas such as the buttocks and thighs.

Banana Scrub
30 mins @ 1,750 THB
Bananas are great for keeping the skin and body fresh and soft. They are a great alternative to the potentially harmful chemicals found in many skincare products. This is a body scrub for normal to dry skin and is also suitable for sensitive skin.

Foot & Hand  Retreat
30 mins @ 1,750 THB
This gentle pineapple scrub works well on any skin type but is especially helpful in treating uneven skin tone. Pineapple is known for a special enzyme that helps prevent blemishes. This scrub will remove dead  skin cells and leave you with soft, touchable skin. Use on hands and feet to achieve soft, great-smelling skin.

Relieving After Sun Care
30 mins @ 1,750 THB
This treatment helps to relieve sunburn by using a lavender-soaked compress to decrease pain and re-hydrate the skin.

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