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Body Massages

Royal Siam Massage yin-yang
1 hour 30 mins @ 2,500 THB

This traditional Thai massage, which is an ancient method of aligning and balancing the energies of the body,  originates from the time of Buddha.  The technique employed is the use of firm thumb and palm pressure on the body’s pressure points and energy lines (“Sen”), along with a variety of stretching movements. Afterwards, you will feel spiritually and physically refreshed, strengthened and rejuvenated.

Royal Siam with “Thai Herbal Luxury Compress” yin-yang
2 hours @ 3,200 THB

To enhance the Royal Siam experience you can request this treatment. Aromatic Thai herbs, prepared as steaming poultices, deeply massage the body.

Pimalai Signature yin-yang
1 hour 30 mins @ 2,500 THB
Pimalai’s Signature Massage offers a variety of therapeutic massage services to help with the everyday tension life inflicts. The Signature Massage is one of the most thoroughly therapeutic massages most guests will ever have experienced. Pressure is not just applied from above, but also from the top, toes and from both sides of the body. This variety of pressure directions facilitates the stimulation of tissue deep within all parts of the body. Whether it's for relaxation, stress relief, muscle soreness or just plain pampering, allow Signature Massage by Pimalai to provide you with the latest in massage therapy techniques.

Asian Aroma yin-yang
1 hour @ 2,300 THB

Before this pampering massage you are asked to choose your preferred oil by the scent you are attracted to
or by the feeling you would like to experience: Meditation, Patience, Clarity, Intention or Respect.
This massage is deeply relaxing, using long, slow movements and strokes to help quiet your mind and bring harmony to your body, soul and spirit.

Pimalai Sport yin-yang
1 hour @ 2,300 THB

This therapeutic sports massage was created for those who love exercise or outdoor activities. Both soft and firm movements will relax and soothe your whole body, and prepare you for further adventures and activities. If the guest requests it, the pressure applied can be very firm indeed - this will suit not only those with large masses of muscle, but also smaller people who like a very firm toning massage.

Swedish Massage yin-yang
1 hour @ 2,300 THB

The ultimate relaxation massage combines soft and hard techniques. To begin with, smoothing hand movements are used to gently work on muscles and soft tissue, in order to relieve stress and tension and warm the muscles.. After the muscles have been warmed with these soft movements, harder kneading, knuckling and cupping movements are used to stimulate circulation.

Back Bliss yin-yang
45 mins @ 1,700 Baht
This therapeutic massage helps to alleviate the built up stress and blocked energy that we all tend to accumulate  in the back, neck, shoulders and head. Whether your problem is a temporary one caused by a long-haul flight, or a long-term problem caused by too much office work, this anti stress massage will leave you feeling calm, revitalized and tension free.

Tension Relief yin-yang
1 hour @ 2,300 THB

This extension to the Back Bliss Massage covers the entire body, and relieves the same problems, but throughout the body rather than just in the head, neck, back and shoulders. Designed to relieve and prevent muscle soreness and to ease tiredness, this soft or strong massage will leave you feeling calm, tension-free, invigorated, revitalized, reenergized and ready for anything, be it relaxation or adventure.

Foot & Leg Massage yin-yang
1 hour @ 2,300 THB

After a long walk, too much shopping or too many hours spent with the feet squeezed into office shoes, this is an ideal therapy for aching feet and legs. The holistic healing techniques used in this treatment go far beyond a mere foot massage. Using a modern fusion of ancient reflexology techniques which predate both the Sukhothai and Ayudhaya dynasties , the reflex zone points on your feet will be stimulated, restoring balance and harmony to your body, soul and mind.

Oriental Fusion yin-yang
1 hour @ 2,300 THB

This is an ancient and traditional form of Thai oil massage, where deep tissue pressure points are stimulated to reduce stress and relieve muscle pain. Our oils are formulated from patented blends of lavender, eucalyptus, black pepper, geranium, peppermint, ylang ylang, sweet almond, cedar, sesame, vetiver, plai, and cananga oils. Not only do these oils prevent excess stretching, penetrate deeply and increase elasticity, their scents promote deep breathing and so the release of consciousness into a mildly meditative state.

For guests staying in the villas on the beach and hillside, the treatments marked with SIGN yin-yang are available in the privacy of your villa. Please note that a surcharge of 20% will apply to the advertised price.

All prices are subject to 10 % service charge and 7% government tax

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