The Spa aims at bringing back guest to nature; built in the shape of a village style, the pretty small straw roofed Salas blend totally with the natural beauty of the jungle. Each has been designed with nature at heart, and fashioned with stones, native wood, bamboo, iron, ropes and ceramics.

Our award winning Spa is always verry busy ans we highly recommend to pre-book in advance, especially during the period December to february included. You may do so by contacting


Guest Opinions

Mr. Stephen Duran - 26th March to 2nd April 2014 - Room 133
Outstanding spa! We both loved our treatments. Your staff is outstanding....

Mr. & Mrs. Schwarz - 24th February to 10th March 2014 - Room 809
Spa is simply the best! ...

Mr. Dionnet - 6th to 14th December 2013 - Room 902
Spa is superb! ...

Miss Caroline Gilmore - 10th tom18th August 2013 - Room 124
Spa love it!...

Mrs. Fabris - 26th November to 5th December 2012 - Room 111
The spa formula is an excellent idea...

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Ms. Schoeni & Mr. Jucker, Room 307 20 to 26 Nov 2011
Spa perfect!!...

RicoMelbourne, Melbourne - TripAdvisor Member
(August 26, 2009) "Heavenly Bliss" From the moment you step at the Pimalai Resort ...

Assunta, Monti Carlo
I spent 20 days vacation at Pimalai resort and spa last month and I really had such a wonderful time in my life ... ...

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