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Bangkok Thailand: Update 14 April 2009

Bangkok, Thailand; update 14/04/09

We are happy to report that within the last 24 hours the situation in Bangkok has greatly improved.

The protestors have cleared the streets of Bangkok and are now only protesting around the Government House. Before noon, one of the leaders of the protesters has asked the remaining crowd to disperse. The government is offering free bus rides to the home provinces of the protestors. It has been reported that many of the protestors have accepted this offer.

The area around the Government House is by no means what you would consider as a Bangkok tourist attractions or would not be part anyhow of any sightseeing tours if you were in Bangkok...

All Bangkok shopping malls have re-opened as of today. The sky train and metro services in Bangkok had never been interrupted. It seems like a normal life has returned to the city of Bangkok.

In Koh Lanta, Krabi, it is peaceful as ever… A steamy but enjoyable weather with scattered tropical showers to just cool down everyone and further “greening” the natural lush forest. We were running last night at occupancy of 85% and there are not much of concerns from the guest who are currently staying at the resort.

Yes of course, as mentioned yesterday, you may still be thinking of canceling your reservation with us; we kindly ask you wait and be patient before taking such decision as we are very confident that this situation will be resolved very soon.

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