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We found Nemo(s)!

Pimalai Resort and Spa, realizing the importance of protecting underwater ecosystems, is pleased to be a leader in initiating an annual clownfish release program. The 6th clownfish release was held on 21 March 2009 near Koh Haa, Krabi. Two hundred well-loved ‘Nemos’ were released, firstly into fifty underwater cages which allow the fish to adapt themselves to their new environment and help them to survive predation from other fish. Full release from the cages to the vagaries of nature will take place when we return to Koh Haa in April.

This significant and eco-friendly event also aims to promote the ‘symbiotic’ relationship that exists between the clownfish and anemones and the necessity to keep a balance between fish and plants in the underwater world.

A main objective of releasing these clownfish is to make people realise how human activities can interfere with the very survival of at-risk species such as the clownfish. This project aims to trigger awareness of the local people in a hope that they will stop catching these fish for sale as pets and start to appreciate and respect our valuable, yet fragile, environment.

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