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Pimalai 7th Anniversary

Time flies, as we just celebrated the 7th anniversary of the official opening of Pimalai Resort & Spa.
A blessing ceremony was held in the elegant ballroom of the resort, gathering hotel guests, hotel staffs as well as Mr Nibondh Charanvas, Chairman of Pimalai’s Board of Directors. As each year, nine (9) monks from the temple located nearby the charming Koh Lanta’s Old town, were invited to conduct the blessing ceremony. Why 9 ??  In Thai culture odd numbers are often considered to be luckier than even numbers, with the number 3 being very lucky. However it is the number 9 which is supposed to bring most good fortune in Thailand. Not only it is 3 x 3, but the Thai word for nine, “gao, has special status because it sounds similar to an important Thai phrase; “Kow-nah” can be translated as progress or moving forward. The importance given to the number 9 can be seen in a number of diverse ways and the belief cuts across Thai society from the highest to the lowest. And so, at Buddhist ceremonies such as weddings, birthdays, or new building openings, 9 monks are often invited to bless proceedings and ensure prosperity and good luck. Lets hope for Pimalai, that the next 12 months will be trouble free.

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