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The "Green" Season

More and more the tourist season in Thailand now lasts for 12 months of the year. The most popular time of the year to visit the kingdom, especially for guests living in cold northern climes, has traditionally been from about mid-November to April. Transportation and accommodation rates reflect the high demands during this period. However there are certain advantages for holidaying here in the “off” season and more people are selecting to visit Thailand at that time. This is especially true for those who wish to avoid the intense heat and burning sun and those who like a more peaceful and leisurely holiday without having to battle crowds of fellow tourists.

Yes, there is a greater chance of having rainy days in the so-called “green” season but on average, at the Pimalai location, these, only account for about 6/ 7 days per month. The resort is in the lee of both mainland Thailand and also of Koh Lanta’s spinal mountain range and is thus protected from much of the stormy weather that is experienced in central and northern Thailand. When it does rain it generally arrives in the form of short intense showers and an hour or two later the sky is clear again. And yes you may experience a full grey and rainy day.

It is recognized that, globally, climates are changing and wide variations from the normal conditions do at times occur. Kantiang bay where is located the resort is sheltered allowing swimming almost all year around; in fact we probably raise the red flag about 20 times only throughout the green season.

If you do elect to visit us during the “green” season, and we encourage you to do so, we have enough activities to keep you occupied indoors if it is raining and outdoors when conditions allow. Indoor activities include taking our ever popular Thai cooking lessons, experiencing the ultimate in rejuvenation at our spa, working-out in our gym and sports complex, borrowing reading materials, DVDs or games from the library, sending e-mails (by the way internet use is free here!), etc... and nobody will object to you having a peaceful nap with the soothing sound of rain dancing on the roof. Outdoor activities include, playing tennis, body-surfing in the sea, swimming in the warm waters of our pools, visiting a nearby national marine park, elephant trekking, touring the island and visiting the markets. The beach is always popular with joggers, strollers and beachcombers. For photographers this is also a good time to take photographs of seascapes, brilliant sunsets, wonderful cloud effects, lush green flora, etc... And by the way the temperature never goes below 30 degrees Celsius!...

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