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Thailand Loy Kratong festival...the festival of lights

Loy ratong is a popular Thai festival held on the day of a full moon, usually towards the end of November. Traditionally the festival is a means of paying respect to the Goddess of the Waters and apologizing for any pollution that has occurred. The "Krabong" is a small boat usually made from a banana leaf and may contain a candle, incense sticks, a flower, a coin and other objects. After dark, throughout Thailand, families gather by a canal, river or pond to launch their Kratongs while making a wish. It is a colorful sight to see the candlelight from many hundres of these Krabongs bobbing up and down while floating (Loy) down a river or across a pond. If you have no yet planned your vacation, close Thailand and Koh Lanta to be part of this wonderful festival. This year it is celebrated on November 28th; we have still a few accommodations left and you should visit to benefit of the latest special on offer
Are you booked into the resort during January 2014???...
“Degemer mat” Brittany says Khun Neng;
And the winner is "Pimalai"
It’s almost Christmas time and we are also about to welcome 2014…
Refreshing of the accommodation soft furnishing.
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