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A Never Ending Journey

A Never Ending Journey Make room for seahorses and let them roam the ocean with us What a successful 8th clownfish release! Thank to Dr. Thorn, marine scientist, and his team, Scuba Fish and over 40 enthusiastic volunteer divers. We released 200 clownfish and 50 seahorses. According to Dr. Thorn’s team, we can expect over 20% of the released clownfish to survive the real underwater world. Thank to the newly modified underwater cages – with fishnet at the bottom to ensure that no predator fish can sneak into the cage, and have their jaws open widely for the Nemos to dive through. Since there are over hundreds of sea anemones in Koh Haa area, we can continue to release our clownfish for as long as there are still empty sea anemones for our Nemos. There is a statement that we really like from Dr. Thorn. He said that sea is not a fish tank. You cannot simply put something back in the sea and expect it to survive. If you take something out from the sea, you destroyed the circle of life and there is no way that you can bring back the same circle of life. Seahorses are different! They need to hold onto corals and they yes they do shop for their own coral to hold onto. They also move from coral to coral and only the Mother Nature knows why they do so. Nonetheless, one thing that all volunteered divers experienced with the seahorses is that they will have to teach the seahorses to hold onto the coral and not be carried away by the current. Yet again, the ocean rule applies – to eat or to be eaten. So we had to babysit them and to make sure that they knew that they had to hold onto the coral. We do not want more fish in the sea! What we are trying to do is to repair the circle of life and raise the awareness to everybody to prevent people from destroying it. We hope that what we do will transfer the message across that rebuilding nature is impossible, repairing is difficult so stop destroying it from the beginning. We will dive again to uninstall the underwater cages in a few weeks and hopefully, we will see the same old faces, right where we released them. The next time when you are in Koh Haa, please don’t forget to dive by to see our new ocean members. We release clownfish and underwater environmental friendly project every first week of April, so watch out this space for more updates!
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