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Scubafish@Pimalai dive center offers NOW Scuba diving all year around...

We take this opportunity to remind keen scuba divers that Scubafish@Pimalai Dive Center is open all year round! Diving during the green season (May-Oct) is usually fantastic. The weather can be a little unpredictable and we cannot guarantee that the oat will be able to go out every day, although most days it should be possible. Also, it is a great time of year to see a huge variety of marine life. It is like 'spring' underwater when the marine activity seems to peak. Many juvenile fish are born during this time and seek shelter near the reef alongside huge warms of tiny glass fish and baitfish. This attracts the larger, hunting fish towards the reef looking for a snack! You can often see large schools of Barracuda, Rainbow Runners and Trevally and there is plenty of action to watch in the blue. There are also fewer divers at the dive sites than during the high season and the visibility is usually better too. During that period (May to October) we moor our boats at Lanta Old Town on the East side of the island. We are able to manly offer trips to Ko Haa, Ko Rok and Hin Daeng & HinMuang. The trips to Hin Daeng & Hin Muang are possible if weather conditions permit and we have a minimum of 6 divers. If you are here for a week or more, you will almost certainly have the chance to dive here.
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