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Why not in Setember???

September??? On KanTiang Bay ??? @ Koh Lanta...Pimalai…Why not???!!

Here I am ….in Bordeaux – France – August 24th, 2011 – it is a wet summertime day & 16 degree Celsius outside!.....I/ we will never repeat enough how fantastic it is to travel to Thailand during the Green period - May to September – when you get the best value for your money, at least 65% of sunshine during your stay, plenty to do – including scuba diving! – and an outside temperature of 30 to 32 degree Celsius daily! The Bay is also sufficiently lively - with local eateries & bars, including the Why Not Bar where I have taken/ or send some of my/ our friends and clients after a great dinner at Pimalai. Why Not…is the name of a small, charismatic and very laid back bar on the beach in Baan KanTiang. It has the characteristics of a beach bar of 30 years ago…which is now difficult to find in current day Thailand. If you are in the mood for some very soft live music after dinner, the Why Not Bar” offers a variety of music from classical Rolling Stones all the way through the decades up to Crowded House, Oasis, Radiohead or Coldplay… They normally start at around 9.30 PM, and finish around midnight and only 500 meters stroll on the beach. By the way, if you are a good singer and/ or play a guitar, jump on stage and jam with the band. Trust me!….There is never a dull moment on Kantiang bay during the Green Season!!




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