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No doubt that the period between May to early October is an absolutely a perfect time for those who like privacy, relaxation and solitude during their vacation. Travelers during this period may often enjoy discounted fares and lower accommodation rates. The resorts usually are not at full capacity and many of the facilities may be underutilized. The midday temperature hovers between 28C and 32C which is ideal for swimming and snorkeling and although the sun is not always shining it is still possible to attain a reasonable tan without burning. The resort is in a rain-shadow of a mountain and therefore is somewhat protected from the rain that may be falling on the mainland. At Pimalai we have a number of activities available to entertain should there be a bout of inclement weather.  Some of our guests even enjoy the rain and find the pitter-patter of the raindrops on the roof to be quite soothing. Located within a lush tropical forest and adjacent to a long pristine sandy beach the resort is only a 10 minute drive from a Marine National Park.
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