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Annual release of Clown Fish @ Koh Haa...

As part of its interest in promoting environmental sustainability, Pimalai Resort & Spa seven years ago joined with local authorities and the Thai Fishery Department to re-establish a viable clown fish population near Koh Haa Island. In the first two years, over 12,000 young clown fish, supplied by the Fishery Department, were released by divers near Koh Haa but unfortunately there was no safe haven for the fish and they became an easy meal for larger predators. In 2006 it was decided to place the clown fish in small cages placed on the ocean floor thus giving them a safe place to hide from their voracious cousins. Unfortunately, these cages were physically attacked and overturned by larger fish wishing clown fish as appetisers. However, in the fourth year of operation the cages were wired together to make a more robust structure and at last success was achieved. Eight fish were put into each cage and although there was some attrition there was also some success as subsequently a number of breeding pairs have been observed living within a favourite sea anemone habitat. Clown fish are prolific breeders and the female clown fish may lay up to 3,000 eggs every 3 months for a maximum period of 5 years. It is hoped that this natural breeding of these fish will eventually stabilize. This year, the crown fish release took place over the weekend of November 26-28 and received media coverage by journalists from Thai TV Channel 3.

The annual release of clown fish continues as a regular event and Pimalai’s commitment is to maintain this initiative with the hope that the waters around Koh Haa Island will become a recognised fish sanctuary. If you have not yet experienced a day of snorkelling or diving, then you should know that the seas and coral beds on Koh Lanta and adjacent islands are in very good shape and offer a great paradise for visiting snorkelers and divers...and you may get an opportunity to see Nemo!
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