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Going "djin, djin" green....

Mrs Paninart Tiyaphorn, Managing Director – Pimalai Resort & Spa, on October 10th, attended the ASEAN Green Hotel Awards Ceremony. The awards were presented to hotels considered to be “Green Hotels” in South East Asia; and only 20 hotels in Thailand receive this significant award and one of those was Pimalai Resort and Spa. To receive an ASEAN Green Hotel Award a hotel must show that a major focus in its development strategy includes the implementation of environmental practices such as choosing to use green products; educating the staff on procedures that minimize environmental degradation, especially by taking good care of the garbage; conserving energy and water; recycling materials where possible; and, using appropriate methods for disposing of hazardous or polluting waste materials. Also, efforts should be made to coordinate the hotel’s activities with those of people living in nearby communities.
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