Romantic Diner on the beach

Vacation times are times that we use to escape from the hectic routines and duties imposed on ourselves, be it through work, decision making, keeping to a schedule, etc. Being a guest at Pimalai gives you the opportunity to relax and maybe to bring some romance back into a relationship by treating your partner to an especially romantic gift...a private dinner for 2 in your own secluded sala right by the beach. You can listen to the waves lapping the shore, see the sun sink into the shimmering Andaman Sea beyond the 5 island cluster of Koh Haa, silhouetted on the horizon. You may wish to indulge in a refreshing beverage before placing your meal request with your personal waiter. A platter of fresh fish, grilled to perfection, is recommended; accompanied by a suitable wine selected for the occasion. Champagne works wonders! When the darkness transforms the sky from vivid blue to star-filled black, the best place to be is at a private table for the two of you, with your feet in the sand, enjoying a special moment that will never fade away…maybe you will be blessed by the appearance of the moon….. or the bobbing lights of distant squid boats.

1) Sala Set Up only - Baht 6500 (subject to taxes and service charge)

2) Sala Set Up + Day Bed set up - Baht 9500 (subject to taxes and service charge)



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