Spice N’ Rice!
From Organic Farm… to Thai Cuisine…

Pimalai’s Spice N’ Rice is a Thai restaurant serving authentic organic Thai food. In addition to participation in the hotel industry, Pimalai also owns a farm up north, in ChiangMai, known as the “Rim Ping Organic Farm”. For many years now, we have been working on growing our own vegetables, fruits and herbs, with the goal of presenting the freshest, healthiest and most delicious products available for the preparation of the variety of dishes offered at Spice N’ Rice.
Our Rim Ping Organic Farm is located in the best agriculture area in Thailand and stretches for over a mile along the banks of the Ping River, which is a major contributory of the Chao Phraya River, Thailand’s major waterway and the backbone of the Thai agricultural system. The farm’s soil is extremely rich and the irrigation water is of the highest quality which allows us to produce some of the best organic crops without the use of added chemicals.
Pimalai’s ethical food policy means that the Spice N’ Rice restaurant sources only the finest ingredients and, wherever possible, uses only local and organic products- mostly coming from our farm near Chiangmai. By dining here, not only will you experience the best of authentic Thai cuisine but you will benefit from the knowledge that the utmost care has been used in selecting only the best quality materials for use in our Thai kitchen.

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